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Our garden-direct, loose-leaf teas are some of the finest in the world – including more than 40 organic varieties of black, green, oolong, white, rooibos and herbal. All are plucked from the earth at their peak of freshness and flavor.

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    White Teas are relatively rare. The tea leaf buds are picked the day before the shoots open, giving them a very subtle sweetness with a flowery, nutty aroma and smooth finish. White teas are full of antioxidants and are low in caffeine.  

    Silver Needle Jasmine

    White tea buds are infused with natural jasmine flowers and have a refreshing floral aroma.

    Peach Blossom

    From the Fujan region of China, this delicate white tea is blended with sweet peach for a perfect cup of tea.

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    Green Teas are the least processed of all tea types, which gives them a fresh quality that tea lovers enjoy throughout the world. Their active enzymes and antioxidants make for a beverage rich in healthfulness. Green tea can be enjoyed daily. It is light and refreshing, low in caffeine and is host to a wide variety of cancer fighting antioxidants.

    Citrus Mint

    Roasted green tea from China with the delicate flavors of lemon and lime. Crisp and refreshing.

    Sencha Superior

    This classic Japanese steamed sencha has a fresh green aroma and a smooth body.

    Pomegranate Blush

    Rich in antioxidants, an elegant green tea with a subtly tart pom infusion.

    Jasmine Pearl

    Hand rolled tender green tea leaves are naturally scented with fresh jasmine blossoms.

    Moroccan Mint

    Classic roasted Chinese green tea composed of the finest organic peppermint and floral scents.

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    Herbal Teas come in a broad range of soothing flavors and have unique medicinal qualities, all of which offer a relaxing journey to enjoyment.

    Chamomile Comfort

    Our chamomile is a blend of citrus blossom nectar and French lavender. It has a calming honey-like character.

    Amber Mint

    An aromatic and robust peppermint brew, refreshing and calming.

    Tangerine Ginger

    Sunset orange infusion and soothing note of ginger.

    Apricot Escape

    Immerse yourself into the sweet ambrosia of this herbal infusion and allow yourself to escape into sheer apricot euphoria.

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    Oolong Teas offer the best qualities of both black and green teas in terms of taste and health. Tea connoisseurs around the world know this classic variety for its distinctive flavors and fragrances. Oolong tea is well known for reducing cholesterol and aids in weight loss and lowers blood sugar.

    Citrus Mist

    Jasmine scented oolong tea paired with herbs and succulent citrus fruit. Crisp and refreshing.

    Golden Oolong

    Smooth rich body with a hint of honeysuckle and a dash of naturally sweet tea.

    Plum Oolong

    An organic plum infusion, pleasantly tart, naturally fruity and wonderfully aromatic.

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    Rooibos (Red Tea) is rich in antioxidants with a distinctive robust flavor and grown exclusively in the mountains of South Africa.

    Vanilla Roobios

    Rich vanilla and sweet, light fruity rooibos herb. Slightly sweet, mellow flavor with a smooth finish.

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    Black Teas are full of flavor and are blended with a cavalcade of robust tastes including sweet, malty, light, crisp and can even have wine-like characteristics. Often complemented with a spot of cream, black teas are always rich in contributing to health and well-being.

    Earl Grey Supreme

    Special reserve Earl Grey blended with bergamot citrus fruits from Italy.

    Earl Grey Decaf

    Special reserve Earl Grey Decaf blended with bergamot citrus fruits from Italy.

    Blackberry Sage

    Fragrance of fresh blackberries blended in a classic stout tea.

    Vanilla Rush

    Amazon vanilla beans and a splash of yerba mate for a refreshing kick start.

    Masala Chai

    Handcrafted blend of black tea and aromatic spices for a classic flavorful brew.

    Ginger Peach

    A TBar classic. Sweet blend of summer ripe peaches and apricots in a fine Ceylon black tea.

    Irish Breakfast

    A smooth but bold breakfast tea with notes of Ceylon and the malty underscore of a hearty Assam.